Christmas Again

Frank On "Christmas Again"

Back in the early '80s I wrote a Christmas song and Paul Orofino (my friend and producer) and I recorded it, pressed it and released it. Apparently, it was a hit in the midwest four a couple of Christmases in a row but as we didn't have distribution, we had no idea that it was a success. We only found out about it when program directors tracked Paul down at the studio. Live and learn.

It's nearly 40 years since then and I decided that I wanted to re-record it (with the Bandoleros) with mostly acoustic instruments and change some of the lyrics. it was a lot of fun revisiting an old song. It was a little difficult getting the original recording and arrangement out of our heads but we gave it a good go and I'm happy with the results.
So, here is a little holiday reminder: Love still is the answer, no matter what holiday you celebrate.

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah and a very Happy New Year!

Love from Frank, Paul and the rest of the Bandoleros


Rail To Kingdom Come


Roll The Bones


The next one we're going to present is Roll The Bones. It's one of my favorites because I love the story.

It takes place in England where two lovers, also two criminals part ways one of them with a bag of money the other one gonna meet her up later somewhere in London. But she takes off so he's going after her and the end cant be too good.

You can listen to it on Youtube and buy just one song or the cd by clicking here.


Long, Long, Road


That's an interesting one. I was listening to alot of british folk music from the sixties and seventies, but also way back. I guess that kind of feel crept into it.

It's about a guy who was on top and wound up way at the bottom and left somebody behind.

I love the song, it's very simple. It works great with just a guitar or with the band playing all kinds of instruments. So here it is Long, Long, Road.


Goodbye Alice


This Video has got my buddy Simon Kirke playing with me. We actually wrote the song together.

I started writing the song on Henley-on-Thames in England.

I had gotten a verse and a chorus in the hotel we were staying at called the Red Lion Inn.

I came home from that particular trip and Simon and I got together at Globe Studios were he had a studio and I played it for him and he says great Frank but its to short. So he played the middle section eluding to Alice In Wonderland and its got some great chord changes in it and lyrics for the bridge.

Its about Alice who's not really Alice.


Everything Changes


This song appears on the "Someday" Record or CD if you wanna call it.

It's about how everything changes and the girl in Holland might have existed or might not have existed. But it's alot of fun and it's a wierd, twisted story.

Hope you like it. Enjoy!

You can listen to it on Youtube and buy just one song or the cd by clicking here.


Thinking Of You


This one came about because I was getting a bit nostalgic for the past and for friends that I havenít seen in years.

Some are dead and some are living (to borrow a lyric!), and the song kind of fell out of my old Sovereign guitar.

I was singing and playing very quietly, so the melody is in a low key. It seemed to work for this one. Low and melancholy.

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New Live Disc


We are currently releasing a new Live Digital Disc Called "Live From The Cutting Room NYC" Featuring Frank Carillo and The Bandoleros.

Usually a live record is recorded over multiple gigs but this disc is recorded in one night. Recorded and mixed by our producer Paul Orofino.

This one goes out to all our fans and friends. Especially those in my hometown of New York City. We had alot of fun making this disc and will be looking forward to the hard copies in the future.

You can listen to it on Youtube and buy just one song or the cd by clicking here.


Red Queen


Written by Frank Carillo from the The Bandoleros CD called "Bad Out There". Video by JVProductions.net

Audio by Paul Orofino at Millbrook Sound Studios.

Red Queen came about because I was playing around with a chord sequence and I noticed that there was a deck of cards that had fallen off of the desk and the red queen was face up!

I started thinking about how we could use a little more love in the world and I guess I just went a little hippie trippy on myself. But looking back at it I guess it was pretty much on the mark. I'm really amazed how everyone has taken to this song. Can't thank you enough.

You can listen to it on Youtube and buy just the song by clicking here.


When I Choose


This one was written before we recorded The Bandoleros' Bad Out There CD. I was thinking about old friends and how quickly life speeds by. A few years later I thought it would be great to get my old band, The Young Blues, together to record something after 40 years. My cousins, Nick Boccio (drums), Frank Carillo, (yes, we have the same name!) on lead vocals, Glenn Levie on rhythm guitar and Mark Lacob (who was in another band I played with, The Lynx) got together at Millbrook Sound Studios.

Glenn was originally the bass player of The Young Blues and the rhythm guitarist was Alan Glogovsky. Sadly, Alan passed away, so Mark took his place for the recording. Besides, Mark was always part of the gang, so it was a perfect fit. We had tons of laughs and shared great memories, great food and renewed friendships.

A few years later I decided to record the song with the Bandoleros and this is the version that’s in the video. I added a few new lines and we just went in and played: a new gang, but the same great feelings of camaraderie and respect. and always a good time!

I never really thought about releasing it but as we happened to have some video that John Valenti filmed (as he does nearly all of our videos), I thought it might be fun to put it out.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did recording it.

You can listen to it on Youtube and buy just the song by clicking here.


 Whisky Lady


The beginnings of "Whisky Lady" came to life in 1972 in the partially flooded basement of a club called Fore and Aft South. I had the idea for the first verse and part of the chorus and played it for my cousin and then-writing partner Luke Spagnuolo.

I had to stand on the couch in the dressing room to play it for him because of the water! Luke said, "Let me run with this!"

It had kind of an English folk song feel to it. When we went to England with my Band, Doc Holiday, to record our first album at Olympic studios, we recorded "Whisky Lady" using acoustic and electric guitars, dulcimer, slide (Bob Mayo, God Bless Him), bass and drums. It was a much slower version than the present 'Bandoleros’ version. A few months later, Bob and I went back to Olympic to play on Johnny Hallyday’s new album. Johnny’s lyricist wrote French lyrics for the song and it became the single to his record, Insolitude.

The Bandoleros version was cut live except for one or two overdubs. In the video occasionally, you see me doing a new vocal, but we decided to use the vocal I did while cutting the track. I love to record live!!
"Whisky Lady" has travelled a long road.

You can listen to it on Youtube and buy the just song by clicking here.


August Moon


August Moon

I think I was channeling The Drifters when I wrote this. A great summer in 1965.

It’s a bit bitter sweet but one of my best memories. Love found and lost.

The Young Blues would play at Deepdale Country Club (actually a pool, tennis courts and a great jukebox!!) in Queens, a few times a month.

We were a cocky bunch, mostly enthusiasm and excitement. I think it was the most fun before the music became a “business”. I was lucky enough to have come into it at an incredible time of music and change, when an album was still an album, reading every liner note and learning who every musician was that played on the record.

You can listen to it on Youtube and buy just the song by clicking here.


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